torsdag, november 17, 2011

Annie Leibovitz - iPhone m.m.

Nå sirkulerer det en videosnutt tatt fra nyhetene i går om at Annie Leibovitz anbefaler iPhone.

Men sier hun egentlig det?

Først kan vi begrense det til at hun anbefaler iphone som lommekamera. Det neste jeg tror vi skal legge merke til er at Annie Leibovitz ser ut til å anbefale smarte telefoner generelt, de kan jo alt liksom. Ligger det innbakt i dette at hun tester nettopp iPhone fordi den har best kamera av alle smart-telefoner? Det kan godt tenkes, det har jeg ikke peiling på. Journalisten spør hva slags kamera hun anbefaler når noen spør henne.

Annie Leibovitz ord for ord:

I´ts an interesting time, it´s a great time because you know - the iPhone. and the whole ability to just use, I mean that is the snapshotkamera of today. It really.. you know I.. I am still learning to use my here.. but see (hun tar et bilde) oh boy here you go. It´s a pencil, it´s a pen, its a notebook. I cant tell you how many times I see people show me their children, it´s the wallet with the family pictures. It is actually, it´s so assessful and easy.

Her er intervjuet

Det er alltid mer

Så, hvorfor var Annie Leibovitz til intervju in the first place?
Hun har just kommet med en ny fotografibok.

(dobbeltklikk for å få bildene større)

How can she nurture her creativity as life gets more complicated? And how can she make the best use of the time left her? “It was hard as hell to do this book in the middle of everything I was going through. I was told constantly this book wouldn’t bring in money, and I should drop it. But I really wanted to do it. I needed to save my soul.”

She took her camera to Virginia Woolf’s house (over), photographing the surface of her writing table, and into her garden, capturing the wide, roiling water of the River Ouse, in which Woolf drowned herself. She photographed Dr. Freud’s sumptuously carpeted patient’s couch in London, and Darwin’s odd specimen collection. Eleanor Roosevelt’s bedroom, with its simple white coverlets, in her cozy cottage.

(huset til O´Keeffe)

Perhaps the most intense visit in this project — yielding some of its strongest images — was to New Mexico. “While I was growing up, Georgia O’Keeffe represented a big idea, a stereotypical idea, for us, as women. But I never quite filtered it, never took her in.”

When she was in New Mexico for an award, Ms. Leibovitz visited O’Keeffe’s house in Abiquiu. She began crying as soon as she entered O’Keeffe’s studio. “It was very emotional. She is the real thing. She has such a bad rap. I kept going back. The first hit I had was how little you need. She had her view. Her bed. She made her own pastels. She had music — she loved music. She had the best speakers! Not a lot of stuff.”

mer om hvordan boka kom i stand her i New York Times

og utstilling i Washington i hele vår

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