fredag, desember 25, 2009

Tom Waitsnyheter

Tom Waits hasn't got a clue what shape his next album will take, but he reveals he's begun writing for his first new studio collection since 2006 (...) A new album could be arriving later in 2010, though he insists, “Anything I would tell you right now, I would just be making it up.

Tom Waits ville ikke være Tom Waits
hvis han ikke sa det siste der.

“We may record sometime in the spring,” he says by phone from his home in Sonoma County. “You're never sure how long it will take. You write two songs and you put them in a room together and they have offspring.”

He calls songwriting a form of time travel, magically delivering ideas and emotions from one moment to another in the unknowable future. “You have this device for capturing something that doesn't necessarily want to be captured,” he says. “Songs are really just emotional containers of abstract things. Nobody really knows what they are.

“It's like diamond-cutting or hunting for bear or dropping out of a tree. Sometimes, it's like ping-pong. Other times it's like operating on a flamingo. Every song's different. Some are like empty swimming pools, and you've got to be the water.”

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Anonymous tb sa ...

Takk for oppdatering. Kanskje grunn til å begynne å glede seg, litt...

05 januar, 2010 15:31  

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