torsdag, juni 10, 2010

Butt-mag 7

Jeg fortsetter. Her er et bit fra intervjuet med tittelen:


Can´t bears be bitchy?

The bear scene used to be very friendly, but that´s not really the case anymore. When bears started becoming popular over the last couple of years, it became just another fashion. If I go out I often get people telling me that I´m not a bear. Last year in Paris I wasn´t even allowed into The Bear´s Den because the asshole owner said I was a twink. But my beard was bigger than anyone´s in that bar.
He was just upset I wasn´t fat, or that I was wearing a nice red suede vest with a workman´s jacket with army pants and boots.
Like I wasn´t following the bear fashion code.

But what exactly is a bear then? I hear so many people saying so many different things, it´s confusing. There are also things like "cubs" and "chubs" and "otters"...

A bear, in America, is generally a big guy, usually furry, with a beard. What Europeans sometimes call a bear is what we call an otter in America: a thin guy with a beard. Then you get into things like wolves and cubs, and it gets a bit cunfusing with the cubs. A guy who´s 40 might call himself a cub just because he likes daddy-bears, but generally the term refers to younger chubby guys, bearded or not. And then you got chasers or trappers or hunters; guys who likes bears...

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Anonymous tb sa ...

Hva ville verden vært uten klassifikasjoner og båser og subkulturer og subsubkulturer og subsubsubkulturer og subsubsubsubkulturer? Ville blitt bare kaos, spør du meg...

11 juni, 2010 09:43  
Blogger fr.martinsen sa ...

Ikke sant. Og så er det så interessant, og pussig, å for et øyeblikk gå inn i de kategoriene som er helt fremmed for en selv, prøve å ta de alvorlig.

11 juni, 2010 14:38  

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