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Michael Musto: Lohan: Marilyn

A blonde actress's love of Marilyn has got to be the biggest Hollywood cliché since cute reaction shots of dogs

I februar tok Lindsay Lohan på seg en blond parykk og av seg klærne og stilte til en slags gjenskaping av de bildene Bert Stern tok av Marilyn Monroe 6 uker før hun døde.

I Village Voice skriver Michael Musto,

Making the world their gynecologist in the tradition of sex bombs from Marilyn Monroe to Madonna, the Britneys and Parises have never been able to resist the chance to do intimate sex tapes that accidentally leak out to the entire populace or to create panty-less car-exiting shots that paparazzi just happen to catch from smack up-close between the kneecaps.

Flaunting what they've got and pretending it's an accident, the tartlets have long turned spreading their legs into career moves, using their fertile crescents as cash registers, even while making us believe they're really just "singing," "acting," or "promoting my perfume." They're wily about their guilelessness and clever about their clotheslessness.

Som du ser, Michael Musto skriver ikke bare sin ukentlige spalte,
han kler av seg alle klærne selv.

But enough about them. I've long lived quite dangerously myself, and so, anxious to share my desperate man-tits with an audience beyond Chelsea, I gleefully agreed to star in an homage to an homage:
Musto as Lohan as Marilyn. That's three generations of loveliness, and I prepared for it by not shaving or waxing a thing, just letting it all hang in the wind as both a nod to history and a means of reclaiming control."

These girls never claim an affinity for anyone esoteric, like Barbara Payton, Carrie Nye, or Tippi Hedren. (When I told Mena Suvari that she was the new Madeleine Sherwood a couple of years ago, she endearingly glazed over and said, "Who?")

They go for the obvious—and for the obvious reason: Marilyn was sex on a stick and knew how to promote that to sell product. Even more appealingly, you never saw the broad get all old and blowsy, which is why no one on the cover of Us Weekly ever cops to admiring two-time Oscar winner Shelley Winters. Eluding the grasp of these starlets is the fact that Marilyn was not just a love goddess, she was actually a brilliant actress herself, one who didn't need the pretentious coaches she kept around in all her crippling insecurity.

Her er et billedgalleri med alle bildene av Michael Musto

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