torsdag, desember 13, 2012

Grace Coddington

I over 20 år har hun jobbet med Anna Wintour i American Vogue. Grace Coddington er creative director for bladet, selv kaller hun seg stylist. I forbindelse med 70-årsdagen ga hun ut memoarene sine i november, under kommer et utdrag fra boka gjengitt i Guardian. Jeg liker den snotty stilen.

I used to see every show in the New York collections, but these days I'm much more selective, partly because the experience has become so trying. Giveaway gossip papers like The Daily are constantly being pushed in your face, and cheap champagne is handed out at 9am – with the English fashionistas being the first to gulp it down.

As you dodge the movie cameras on your way in, there is usually some starlet of the moment surrounded by photographers and planted in the middle of the runway, hindering everyone else from getting to their seats. I can't stand it, so I usually put the blinders on and rush straight through. Before the show, there is that intensely irritating moment when the photographers yell out: "Uncross your legs!" What I usually think is "Screw you!", because if my legs were really in the way I would know it.

I siste utgave av Interview er hun hovedgjest, i et litt kjedelig intervju syns jeg, bare konkrete spørsmål, hva skjedde da, og så da.

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