onsdag, mars 19, 2008


Hvis jeg fortsatt var i New York. Men det er jeg ikke.

Da ville jeg vært i St.Anns Warehouse i Brooklyn i går på dagen 5 år etter at USA gikk inn i Irak. Laurie Anderson, Antony og Lou Reed hadde sittet i Andersons living room og lagd anti-krig-konsert.

Reed, Anderson, Antony and Moby opened the show with a broken version of “The Star Spangled Banner.”
Norah Jones performed slinky versions of her “My Dear Country” and Randy Newman’s “I Think It’s Going To Rain Today.”

Only an Expert

The perennially chilly Laurie Anderson pulled out the snarky electrofunk of her recent “Only An Expert,” vivisecting corporations and Oprah and weapons of mass destruction and global warming in that arch, scientific, matter-of-fact Laurie Anderson way.

A dressed-down Moby delivered a somber, fragile version of “Slipping Away,” dedicating it to a soldier who killed himself. Even more gentle-handed, Damien Rice worked the audience into a silent froth, playing “Cannonball” with just his God-given volume. When the tension was broken, he got the most riotous applause of the evening.

Reed closed the night with his unflinching “Christmas In February,” an unforgiving look at homeless Vietnam vets, which was followed by a perfunctory jam with Laurie, Moby, Antony and eventually everyone else.

Mer om konserten i Rolling Stone

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