søndag, februar 03, 2013

The Talks

Jeg oppdaget dette nettstedet i siste D2. Journalistene Johannes Bonke og Sven Schumann legger hver uke ut en samtale med en internasjonal kulturkjendis. De stiller hverdagslige spørsmål (for få!) om hva Meryl Streep lager til middag (pasta med blomkål og persille mm), til temmelig tradisjonelle:

Is there anybody you never had the chance to work with but still would love to?

Yes, I would like Martin Scorsese to be interested in a female character once in a while, but I don’t know if I’ll live that long. There are also a lot of wonderful directors that I would love to work with again. I love Spike Jonze. I loved working with Wes Anderson, but I was a fox, so I would like to work with him as a human some time.

De spør Woody Allen: Can a man love two women at the same time?

More than two. (Laughs) I think you can. That’s why romance is a very difficult and painful thing, a very hard, very complicated thing. You can be with your wife, very happily married, and then you meet some woman and you love her. But you love your wife, too. And you also love that one. Or if she’s met some man and she loves the man and she loves you. And then you meet somebody else and now there are three of you. (Laughs) Why only one person?

Til Patti Smith: But you still seem to be a person who is not always comfortable with being famous…

All of this stuff if you call it flattery or whatever, yes it’s awkward, it’s awkward for you and it’s a little awkward for me but in the end we connected and that is pure. That has no hierarchy, that has no pedestal, it’s just so. So that other stuff is just human, we can’t help it; we get self-conscious and excited, that’s just what it is.

Befriende ærlig svar fra Nick Cave: What about real drugs? Do you miss them?

Sometimes, yeah. I have no problem with drug taking, I never have. I was a junky for twenty years.

Why did you stop?

Well it is impossible to function on every level so I basically had to stop. If that hadn’t happened to me I would have continued to take drugs. So yeah I do actually miss it sometimes, but most of the time I don’t even think about it.

Og rett frem av Mick Jagger også: How long does it take before you start to miss music?

I did seven years in the ’80s where I didn’t do any shows and I didn’t really miss it very much.

Til Bill Murray: Was there a point in your career where you realized, now I can play “hard to get”?

I don’t really think it changed a whole lot. It’s just sort of a cumulative thing that happens where you get more and more attention and much of it is pleasant, but a lot of it doesn’t really serve you or help you getting anything done, it just takes up a lot of your time. So it’s pleasant enough but it means I don’t get anything else done.

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