lørdag, juni 08, 2013

Tom Waits, beste fanbrevet jeg har lest

Dear Tom, My wife and I owned a motel out in Ramono in the 70´s.
Before we were married, my wife´s 2nd husband´s oral surgeon (who incidentally had six toes on each foot) bought a tractor from a fella who had a seed bank in Biscayne, FI.

Well, he claims the fella who painted his house also painted your house. Anyway, I went in for passing bad checks (and also something I dont`t want to talk about) and well, prison wasn`t so bad (Soledad). I learned to read there and I`m out now and I collect autographs.

I have Roy Rogers, Orin Hatch, Bella Legosi, Paul Lynds, Stallone`s, Rita Moreno, Richard Berry (who wrote Louie Louie) and I would love to add yours to my collection.

Also, by the by... the woman on the cover of Small change is a friend of mines, mother. Weird huh?

Anyway your in Christ, Rex Taggart

P.S and by the way, I love everything you`ve done.

Fra den nye fotoboka av Waits og Corbijn.

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Anonymous Hjorthen sa ...

Dama på coveret til Small Change er visstnok Cassandra Peterson, som senere skulle oppnå en viss grad av berømmelse som Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Har hatt det i bakhodet at jeg skulle skrive en bloggpost om akkurat det, men det kommer nok ikke til å skje.

09 juni, 2013 17:10  
Blogger fr.martinsen sa ...

Michael Guillén: Cassandra, bla bla skitprat As I was surveying your career, I was shocked how many places you pop up. A classic example is you as a strip tease performer on the cover of Tom Waits' album Small Change.

Cassandra Peterson: People are talking about that so much lately and the very bizarre thing about that is that I don't know if that's me! I don't know. People say it is, it looks like me, but I don't have any recollection of ever doing that. But it was the '70s, so I don't have a recollection of a whole lot that I did then.

09 juni, 2013 22:13  
Anonymous Hjorthen sa ...

Jepp. Var derfor jeg skrev visstnok, det er jo umulig å få bekreftet 100 prosent at det faktisk er henne.

09 juni, 2013 22:52  
Blogger fr.martinsen sa ...

Skulle tro hun ville kjenne igjen seg selv, men mye kan åpenbart skje et menneske.

10 juni, 2013 12:52  

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