fredag, april 02, 2010

Laurie Anderson, ny plate

Laurie Anderson kommer med ny plate 15. juni: Her vocals are often mediated by the vocal filter she long ago invented to perform her signature “audio drag,” this time voicing Fenway Bergamot, the male alter-ego who appears on the album’s cover and narrates the song “Another Day in America.”

Jeg gleder meg til å høre mer av filter-stemmen.
Hun gjorde rede for den på plata The Ugly One with the Jewels i kontroll-av-musikkutstyr-på-flyplass-scenen:

- So uh, what's this?

And I'd pull out something like this filter and say:
- Now this is what I'd like to think of as the voice of Authority.

And it would take me a while to tell them how I used it for songs that were, you know, about various forms of control, and they would say:

- Now, why would you want to talk like that?

And I'd look around at the swap teams and the undercover agents and the dogs and the radio in the corner, tuned to the Superbowl coverage of the war. And I'd say:

- Take a wild guess

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