torsdag, juni 19, 2014

Intervju med Harry Dean Stanton

Harry Dean Stanton (87) har kommet med plate, og er intervjuet i siste Uncut. Platen er sangene han synger i dokumentarfilmen Partly Fiction som jeg har sett i New York, og som jeg nå venter på dvd-en til fra Amacon. Min favorittsang var Everybody`s Talkin, og dette er det Harry Dean sier om den.

Everybody´s Talkin, it´s a heroin song. The guy was on heroin when he wrote it. Fred Neil. He performed it and recorded it on heroin. Harry Nilsson made a big hit out of it, but he jived it all up, made it a rock´n roll song. I prefer my version.

I snorted heroin three times. Years ago. "The third time it took hold and I understood the song. Everybody´s talking at me/I don´t hear a word they´re saying/Only the echoes in my mind". It´s an enlightened state, really, but like Alan Watts said, someone told him that on heroin you get to an enlightened state, and he said, "Yeah, but when you get the message, you hang up the phone."

So I hung up on that one.

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